Introducing the new
Crossover Platform
Digital-first care is now available with the Crossover Platform. You can message with our amazing providers who will start your “episode of care” online and guide you to the care you need. In many instances, this will conveniently eliminate the need to schedule an in-person appointment when treatment or medical advice can be delivered virtually.

Experience our
Crossover Centers
When you need or prefer to be seen in person for integrated primary care services in our centers, where available, our doors are open to you. Schedule at any of our eight nearsite centers in California, New York, and Texas and experience the same remarkable care we deliver to all our members.



Start an episode of care online with a Crossover provider.


Select an appointment time at one of our eight health centers.


What are Crossover employees required to do to activate their XOXO membership?
Crossover employees are required to complete a consent form and use a personal email address, NOT your Crossover employee email address, in order to activate your membership. This is not a requirement for dependents.
Can anyone in my family use XOXO?
The XOXO benefit is limited to employees enrolled in the company’s medical plan and their adult dependents including children over-the-age of 18. We do not offer pediatric services at this time.
How does a XOXO membership work?
As an employee of Crossover Health, your annual XOXO membership fee is covered by Crossover for you and your dependents aged 18 and older. This gives you access to all of the health services we provide virtually, and in-person at the Crossover nearsite health centers when needed. Furthermore, you will never receive a bill from us. You only pay the required co-pay amount ($0 if you're enrolled in XO First), if any, at the time of your appointment as noted on the fee schedule for this employee health benefit. Some fees for our services will vary based on your deductible maximum out-of-pocket status, and all of this is kept current on your secure Crossover account so that you are charged accurately. In short, there is no complicated paperwork or insurance submittals with this benefit.
Can I keep seeing my current doctor?
The choice is yours, but you should give XOXO a shot! You are not required to switch your primary care physician to use our services. In fact, you can use us in conjunction with your current physician and you don’t need a doctor’s referral to see our Active Care providers (Chiropractic, Physical Therapy and Acupuncture).
What is XOP?
XOP is an internal term and stands for Crossover Platform–it's our company’s new technology service platform we use to provide care. Through the platform, members can ask licensed physicians questions about their health whether they are sick or injured, have a chronic condition, need a prescription refill or want to know where to go for a specialist or get some additional tests done.

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