Zenobia Crumbey


Zenobia is passionate about helping people, and believes that sometimes it’s the little things we do for people that leave the biggest impression. Working in healthcare means there is never a dull moment, there is something for everyone, and there is always something to learn.

Born and raised in Detroit, Zenobia now lives with her family in Romulus. She spends her free time reading, fishing, and bowling. She also loves going on bike rides with her children, and cooking big dinners for the family so they can have some quality time together.

Dorsey School of Business: Diploma in Pharmacy Technician

What makes me unique:
I am self motivated, I put forth initiative, and I love when changes disrupt the norm to make things better. I love being in the service field, genuinely helping people.

Why do I practice healthcare:
Healthcare requires knowledge, education, hard work, and dedication. It calls for compassionate people with good hearts and understanding. I was given that many times whenever I have been a patient and it made me want to be a part of that. I am passionate about making people feel loved and understood when they are in the most vulnerable moments in their lives.