Susan Stallworth, LPC

Mental Health Therapist

Susan’s approach to therapy is a holistic one where she combines her psychodynamic
foundation with her extensive training in attachment focused EMDR, DBT, trauma
focused yoga, and nutrition consultation. These foundational skills allow her to aid her clients in identifying maladaptive patterns which often contribute to distress in one’s life when left unnoticed. This skill allows her to aid her client in reaching their “aha!”moment when piecing together their work in their unique therapeutic journey.

Susan was born in Savannah, GA where her mother was stationed while she served
in the US Army, which was quite a feat in the 80’s considering the integration of women into the military did not happen until 1978. Shortly after her birth Susan’s mother was relocated to Frankfurt, Germany where Susan spent the first three years of her life before returning to the states.

While Susan earned her MA in Clinical Psychology, with an emphasis in marriage and
family therapy, from Pepperdine University she worked at nonprofit community mental
health center and at a women’s residential treatment center. After graduating Susan
moved to Addison to be closer to her immediate family.

Susan has experience in treating adults and young adults with symptoms associated
with anxiety, panic disorder, disordered eating, personality disorders, trauma,
depression, psychological and emotional abuse, codependency, and emotional
dysregulation. Her areas of focus also include Gottman method for couples counseling,
EFT(emotional freedom technique) Tapping to help regulate the physiological
responses to panic and anxiety, trauma sensitive yoga grounding techniques to
increase mind-body awareness, DBT for skills development and emotional regulation,
certification in nutrition and wellness consultation, and Ayurvedic Wellness. Susan was
also a part of a partnership with Tarleton State University as a Research Assistant to
conduct a 15-week CBT-D (depression resistant) study. She defines her theoretical
approach as a blend of Mindfulness, Multicultural, Existential, Gestalt, and Feminist

Susan enjoys traveling and has been to many countries where she often prefers
bicycling as her primary means of transportation, which she feels allows her to get a
more personal perspective and immersion into the local culture. While at home she also
enjoys bicycling, watching anything sci-fi related, spending time with her niece and
nephews as well as her vizsla, Memphis. You may often find her spending hours at the
museum perusing many genres and differing eras of art and artistic expression or
attending an aerial yoga class.