Stevi Sabedra


Stevi loves helping people and she loves communication— the healthcare setting gives her an opportunity to establish relationships with patients on a deeper level. Born in Montclair, California and raised in Chino Hills, Stevi enjoys spending some of her free time enjoying roller derby, hiking, swimming, reading, journaling, cooking, and playing board games (Scrabble is her favorite).

* BA, Communication Disorders, California State University, Los Angeles
* AA, Social and Behavioral Science,
* SLPA-registered

What makes me unique:
I’m highly motivated by a challenge and I enjoy working with a team to bring a project to completion. I really enjoy learning new things and find that it’s easy for me to pick up on required skills.

Why do I practice healthcare:
I’ve always been drawn to healthcare as I love helping people. I appreciate the healthcare team and really thrive in a team environment.