Stephanie Cruz


Stephanie is a holistic health enthusiast, with a strong passion for helping others heal their bodies through the whole-body approach. Growing up, she spent much of her time with her grandmother who was a yoga instructor, and who showed her the many benefits of a holistic lifestyle. This inspired Stephanie to make lifestyle choices such as practicing yoga and healing with natural remedies. She looks forward to working as a Host at Crossover Health, alongside colleagues that share her dedication to transforming the health and wellness industry.

Stephanie graduated from West Chester University, earning a bachelor’s degree in Professional Studies with a concentration in Holistic Health and Nutrition. During college, she balanced a working student life while also using her knowledge of wellness to successfully assist friends and family with their mental and physical health. In the future, Stephanie plans to become a Registered Dietician and continue to help others in her community.

Outside of work, Stephanie loves to explore the world, often planning her next trip as soon as she gets home from the last one. While she’s home in the Delaware Valley, she enjoys hiking, biking, gardening, and spending time with her family and friends.