Crossover Member

Sarah had shoulder surgery to help with an old injury that started to flare up after working at home during the pandemic. Her doctor said physical therapy at home will help her gain mobility, but she doesn’t do it consistently, because she isn’t sure if she’s doing the exercises correctly on her own.  

“I’ve never been able to stick to a workout plan before, but now that I know exactly what to do, I’m way more motivated. And the better I feel, the less medication I need. My Crossover team is helping me manage every aspect of my recovery and I feel stronger than ever.” 

A member of Crossover since 2017, Sarah knew what her care team had to offer, and she used the Care Navigation resource to find an in-network surgeon when it was time to get her shoulder fixed. 

Once she was cleared to start physical therapy, she was put in touch with a Crossover Physical Therapist who created a custom, at-home plan for her. They started with live video instruction for the first few weeks, which built Sarah’s confidence that she was doing the movements correctly and pain free.

When her nurse checked in on her progress, Sarah mentioned she was having some stomach sensitivity, so the nurse cross-checked her pain medications against her routine meds. Sarah and the nurse worked together to adjust her medication dosage and timing, ensuring that she was taking some medications with meals, and phasing her pain medication out as she improved post-surgery.