Robert Pampin, DO

Primary Care Physician

As Robert began his college education, science took an incredibly strong hold on his interest. The semesters went on and he realized he also enjoyed philosophy and the humanities. Throughout, he met key mentors who would drive these passions further. Inevitably, this collective experience led him to apply his efforts to a career in medicine—in particular, Family Medicine. This specialty afforded him the ability to meld all of his interests and see patients in the context of our complex and ever-changing healthcare, and social, systems.

As his career was developing, he came to realize that most of the disease he sees is in large part preventable. In particular, the current obesity epidemic has been exploding with major impact on public health. This being the case, Robert has recently become board certified in bariatric (weight loss) medicine by the American Board of Obesity Medicine (ABOM) and has integrated this into his care. With 2/3 of all adults in the US being either overweight or obese, there is much work to be done. He has been quoted as saying that “If I can prevent more disease than I treat over my career, then I have done some good.” That is how he approaches his practice and why he is thrilled to be part of the Crossover Health family, in part because of its symbiotic dedication to patient-centric care.

Robert was born in the Bronx, and completed his ABFM certification and training in NYC, so being at Crossover Midtown is like coming home again. He is thrilled to add his experience to the team and is dedicated to offering the highest level of integrative care possible to his patients. Outside of the office, Robert enjoys time with family and putting into practice what he preaches. Diet and exercise are important parts of his life and he feels that attempting to lead by example is an important responsibility of a physician. He is often said to have a comedic sense and loves to find the humor in life as well. Since his children were young the family has frequented Manhattan to enjoy the educational as well as the cultural diversity it presents.