Rik Rusovick, LMFT, PhD

Mental Health Therapist

Rik comes to Crossover Health with a rich background in outpatient mental healthcare. He has worked as a clinician in university, local community, and large HMO mental health settings. This allowed for working with diverse individuals, couples, and families presenting a wide range of emotional and interpersonal challenges. These include anxiety, occupational problems, depression, relationship issues of all kinds, work-life balance, and personal growth more generally.

Rik is trained in a range of therapeutic modalities from which to draw in working with specific clients on specific problems. Among these are cognitive-behavioral, dialectical behavioral (DBT), acceptance and commitment (ACT), family systems/internal family systems (IFS), conflict resolution, and solution-focused forms of therapy. Above all Rik works to connect with clients in ways that make very clear what they want, what the actual barriers are in the present, and how to move past these into states of increased personal value and effectiveness.

Rik holds M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in family therapy and family sciences. In his free time, Rik enjoys playing acoustic guitar, hiking/biking many of our great Bay Area trails, and spending time with friends and family doing these and many other things!