Paula Boardman, DPT

Physical Therapist

There are not many careers that after 30 years you can still say you are learning, you still enjoy what you do, and you still have something to offer—healthcare allows Paula to be able to say all of these things.

Originally from Lancashire, England, Paula is CPR/BLS certified, and holds a Level II certification in Functional Movement Systems. Paula is a self-described manual therapist who believes in a hands-on approach to healing. She likes to apply Pilates principles to her core training clients.

Away from work, Paula’s passion is to dance Argentine Tango. She also enjoys travelling abroad, which she usually does as a solo traveler. The Argentine Tango community is worldwide and if she’s traveling alone to a foreign country, she knows she will be able to find a dance to attend where she can make new acquaintances. She finds that being able to combine the two interests is a beautiful thing.

University of Manchester: BSc in Physiotherapy
Des Moines University: DPT
Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions: PhD in Health and Wellness

What makes me unique:
I was born and raised in the UK and I had an opportunity to experience life as a therapist in another country. So, at age 25, I landed at Detroit airport with a suitcase in one hand and a toddler in the other, with plans to stay for one year only—27 years later, I’m still here. Not necessarily unique but it says a lot about adaptability, being resourceful, open to change, and being tenacious enough to make things work.

Why do I practice healthcare:
We all need something in life that gives us purpose. We need to find our niche in the world. PT is my niche.