Patricia Compos, PhD

Mental Health Therapist

From Tacoma, Washington, Patricia has always been curious about why people think, feel, and act as they do. Life, training, and her clients have taught her that even when things are very difficult, they can usually be better. Maybe not perfect, but better. Patricia loves psychology and is passionate about the difference that a new perspective, coping skills, and a little understanding can make.

In her free time, she enjoys reading, walking the dog, gardening, watching “This is Us,” and spending time with family and friends.

University of Illinois at Chicago: Doctrine

What makes me unique:
I have lived in many places (west coast, east coast, midwest, and in Venezuela). I like to be active, yet am the most uncoordinated person I know. I have a Masters degree in Spanish literature.

Why do I practice healthcare:
I want to help make people feel heard. I find it rewarding to help people feel and have more control of their life.