Natalie Trejo


Natalie has been a pharmacy technician for six years and has worked behind the scenes as a specialty scheduler at Loma Linda University. She feels more than ready to be hands on and present in the moment for patients, working to provide them with a comfortable environment. Originally from Oceanside, California, Natalie grew up in Killeen, Texas and spends her free time reading and writing.

* AAS, Pharmacy Science, Heald College
* Pharmacy Technician

What makes me unique:
I love learning new things and utilizing them in my everyday life, or talking about ways to improve life to make it easier. I think it is important to focus on a craft and become an expert while trying to improve on the experience along the way.

Why do I practice healthcare:
Our health is something that can be so easy to take for granted, so one goal of mine is to highlight the fact that we only get one body. It will function like a fine-tuned machine if we treat it right, allow it to work and move, and keep it healthy. Seeking healthcare can be scary or overwhelming—I want to be part of the reason why a patient becomes not just comfortable, but eager to engage in their health journey.