Michele Kelly, LPN


Michele chose nursing because she truly loves caring for others. When she’s educating a patient and can see they understand their diagnosis, and the importance of following the care plan that’s been developed to put them back on the path to wellness, it’s an incredible feeling—she feels there’s nothing like it! Michele feels that nurses have the unique opportunity to bring understanding during what can be a confusing and/or overwhelming time in the patient’s life, and she’s honored to do it. Before becoming a nurse, her career was in the field of Consumer Experience—it was her job to research the “average” medical patient’s experience with their healthcare system after being told they have a chronic condition. Michele is currently considering returning to the area that was her favorite clinical rotation: psychiatric nursing. When educating patients, she balances traditional routes to recovery with the introduction of alternative practices such as acupuncture, yoga, meditation, nutrition, chiropractic care, and so on.

Michele loves traveling and food, so it’s safe to assume that she only travel to places where the food is rumored to be absolutely fabulous. She also loves animals, and when she’s home she loves nothing more than to be surrounded by her three doggies: Jack the German Shepherd, Nadia the Siberian Husky, and Mr. Barkley—her precious, 115 lb., Great Pyrenees puppy mix. Michele also has a passion for reading which means she’s never too far away from her latest book.

  • Practical Nursing, Sullivan University, College of Nursing
  • Certified, American Heart Association, BLS, CPR

What makes me unique:
I was born in Texas, but raised as an “Army Brat” so we moved every three years. I loved it. It gave me a life-long love of traveling and the desire to experience other cultures.

Why do I practice healthcare:
Nurses have always been at the forefront of change in healthcare and I’m glad to be doing my part to continue breaking down the barriers to a healthier existence for everyone.