Michael Lovelace, MD


After having worked as a Financial Analyst for a Fortune 500 company, a project manager for a non-profit institute, and having run a family business (plant nursery) with 45 employees, Michael has found his calling as a physician. He was working at a cancer research institute when he made the decision to change careers and go back to school to become a physician. He chose the specialty of Family Medicine because of the wide spectrum of illnesses that he can treat—Family Medicine physicians are trained to treat newborns, pediatrics, women’s health, adult chronic disease, and geriatrics.

Michael grew up in a small town in upstate New York along the Hudson River, and ended up trading his snow shovel for sunshine after high school—he got his undergrad degree in New Orleans, then headed further west, landing in Phoenix, where he earned his MBA. When he’s not treating patients, Michael can be found running, playing golf, or solving DIY problems with YouTube videos.

* BS, Finance, Loyola University of New Orleans
* PreMed, Arizona State University
* MBA, Arizona State University
* University of Louisville School of Medicine
* Prisma Health Family Medicine Columbia, SC

What makes me unique:
I started medical school at age 39 after working 15 years in business. Before medicine I was a financial analyst and managed a 200-acre plant nursery in Louisiana.

Why do I practice healthcare:
To improve the quality of life of my patients. Helping patients get back to what’s important to them is what’s important to me.