Meriem Selmani


Meriem loves knowing the work she performs has the ability to positively impact someone’s life. She enjoys helping others, especially when it matters the most. She also values the special connections that are made with the patients.

She recently graduated with honors from Long Island University with a BS in Biology. In school she especially enjoyed the several courses she took related to healthcare, and she’s eager to begin her career in the field.

Originally from Brooklyn, Meriem has three hobbies outside of work: reading, writing, and her new yoga practice. She’s been in love with reading and writing since she was a young girl, and has always spent most of her free time doing one or the other; her favorite genre is classic literature, and she commits to writing in a journal at least once a day. Yoga has recently become an important part of her daily routine. She enjoys how connected the practice makes her feel to the present moment, and the mental and physical benefits she feels.