Melanie Odeleye, MD, MPH

Primary Care Physician

With a large family scattered across at least four continents and most of the 50 states, Melanie has seen medicine work in many different settings. Unfortunately, she has also seen medicine fall short of its potential in many places as well. Board certified in preventive medicine, Melanie aspires to find innovative solutions to improving healthcare quality, by using techniques as varied as behavioral change in individual patients and big data analysis for a population. Her hope is to eventually be able to translate best practices in medical quality and access to the village where her grandfather was born and raised, in southwest Nigeria. Melanie’s experience includes working for the County of San Mateo, Medical Center and University Health Services at the University of California.

Melanie loves to read, travel, and listen to live music. She embraces the role of global citizen by learning as much as possible about other cultures. As the daughter of an immigrant, Melanie relates to the experience of straddling cultures and identities. If she were not a physician, Melanie would probably be an anthropologist, travel photographer, or event planner.

University of Michigan: Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry
San Diego State University: Masters of Public Health
University of Chicago: Pritzker School of Medicine

What makes me unique:
I’d like to think I maintain a balance of analytical thinking and humanity.

Why do I practice healthcare:
I have always enjoyed working with and for others. For me, there is nothing more satisfying than solving an important problem with a group of like-minded people.