Maryam Ali


Driven and motivated, Maryam is a life-long learner who aspires to work in the health field in service to her community. She is passionate about making sure everyone receives quality healthcare, something she believes is a human right for every individual. Through her experiences volunteering at a pediatric clinic to completing her own health disparities research, she has been able to interact and build relationships with a wide range of patients and health professionals. Building bridges between gaps in access and culture can only be done through community effort, communication, and empathy, all of which she will continue to value deeply as she continues her professional career.

Maryam was born and raised in Santa Clara, California and completed her undergraduate studies at the University of California, San Diego, receiving a Bachelors of Science in Public Health, with a Biology minor. As the older one of her and her sister, she has always felt a responsibility to her family and hopes to make them proud. In her free time, she enjoys reading—mostly historical nonfiction, and from time to time, a thrilling contemporary novel as well. Her favorite activities are hiking, hitting the gym, and exploring different coffee shops around the Bay Area.