Marni Amsellem, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

Marni is a clinical psychologist based in Metro NYC specializing in health psychology, stress management, and anxiety. She enjoys helping people achieve a greater sense of competence and confidence, and improved emotional health overall. In her private practice, she helps clients develop skills that allow them to more effectively navigate their challenges and build resilience. She also consults with hospitals, non-profit organizations, and companies on issues related to behavior change and health psychology.

Marni draws from her research training and clinical experience in various settings—including medical centers, private practice, and with several companies focused on employee mental health—to write on multiple mental health topics. Her clinical approach is individualized to the needs, preferences, and thinking styles of each person.

When she’s not working, she’s busy trying new things, both in terms of new activities and exploring different locations. Marni enjoys creative projects and spending time with loved ones.

Cornell University: Bachelor’s degree in Human Development
Washington University (St. Louis): Doctorate in Clinical Psychology

Why do I practice healthcare:
I recognize that our emotional health needs are a significant part of our overall health. I see the importance of focusing on our emotional health in terms of how it promotes positive health overall.