Mandy Lim, DO

Primary Care Physician

Mandy enjoys getting to know so many different people of all ages from all different backgrounds in her career. Being able to discuss lifestyle improvements to help patients hit goals they are trying to achieve is a highlight of her career and day-to-day work.

Originally from the Bay Area, Mandy likes to stay active and enjoys outdoor activities such as running and hiking. At the same time, she also enjoys combat sports, such as MMA and boxing. When time allows, Mandy geeks out playing video games and watching anime.

  • BS, Kinesiology, University of Nevada at Las Vegas
  • Doctorate, Touro University

What makes me unique?
I believe in reinventing yourself on a regular basis. Going through the process inevitably will present you with challenges, but I believe these challenges are what give life excitement and color.

Why do I practice healthcare?
Both health and science have always been interests of mine—being a physician seemed like a perfect choice to blend both interests into one occupation.