Madison Holland


Madison loves working in healthcare because she has always wanted to make the world a better place. Because her mom was sick a lot of the time while she was growing up, she became familiar with hospitals and the staff that were helping her get better. Madison was inspired by how these people were dedicating their time and energy to someone else’s health, and were able to treat her mom like family—these people and experiences are what solidified for her that healthcare was the industry for her.

Originally from San Diego, one of her hobbies includes running. She was on the varsity cross country team in high school; that’s when she fell in love with the feeling of running miles and miles in order to keep those endorphins flowing. Madison loves being outdoors in general and will find any excuse to go outside and explore.

* BS, Health Sciences, Bellarmine University

What Makes me unique:
I have no problem starting conversation with people and getting them to open up to me. I would also consider myself unique because I am very passionate about everything I do in the sense that I do not see work as work, I see it as a passion of mine because it drives me to be better every day.

Why I practice:
I practice healthcare because I love the feeling I get from helping other people. Some of the people I have come into contact with while working do not have relatives or family that are able to visit them on a regular basis so I take it as my personal duty to be their “granddaughter” or “daughter” because I would hope someone would treat my relatives the same way.