Louisa Mox, DPT

Physical Therapist

In her role as a Physical Therapist, Louisa meets lots of people, and they all have colorful contributions to this world. Each person is vulnerable in some way and extends the opportunity for her to win trust and offer something of value. She finds the interchange rewarding.

Originally from Dallas, Texas, Louisa stayed close to home for school, earning a BA in Biology from the University of Dallas, a BS in Physical Therapy from UT Southwestern in Dallas, and a Transitional DPT from Evidence in Motion. She spent 25 years practicing physical therapy in Oklahoma before moving back to Texas in 2017. Louisa has worked in many settings, with the most time in the outpatient setting. She was continually inspired to stay relevant when working with PT students. She feels grateful for every student, colleague, and patient—each one has been an opportunity to partner with others for a better outcome. Louisa passed the board exam for Orthopedic Clinical Specialist in 2014.

When not working, she enjoys photography, exercise, and reading. She spends some time trying to get Willow, her three-year-old mini Aussie, to be more obedient. (She has lots of energy.) Louisa has been learning about gardening, and while she has made lots of mistakes and killed lots of plants, she’s also raised some herbs, tomatoes, a little kale, and one carrot! She’s fortunate enough to still have her mother with her, so she enjoys spending time with her and helping her with some things at her house.