Landon Hallbrooks, LCSW

Mental Health Therapist

Landon chose a career in social work because he is passionate about helping people live their lives fully and freely in spite of their life experience. He wants to be able to help people to overcome any challenges and barriers that may stand in the way of them becoming the person they want to be. Landon specializes in people suffering from anxiety, depression, life transitions, grief/loss, and men’s and women’s issues, and utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Mindfulness/Meditation in his practice.

Born in Miami, Landon grew up in Englewood, New Jersey and is a huge Star Trek fan. In his free time he enjoys music and sci-fi movies.

* Ma, California State University, Los Angeles

What makes me unique:
I am an honest, sincere, and candid clinician who is committed to partnering with you through the process of becoming a happier and more fulfilled person. I will be as engaged and invested in your success as you are.

Why do I practice healthcare:
I practice healthcare because I believe that health (mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional) is the key to living an awesomely full life.