Kellen Otte, DC


Kellen has always had a passion for healthcare, but the preventive and rehabilitative side always intrigued him the most. Stemming from his days as a collegiate soccer player, he had a passion for working with athletes from the very beginning. This passion allowed Kellen to work with athletes ranging from weekend warriors to Olympic level athletes, at many events around the country and around the world. Through his years in practice, he has made the sports medicine model the foundation of his treatment, utilizing several modalities including Active Rehabilitation, Soft Tissue Mobilization, and Joint Mobilization & Manipulation.

Born in Seaside, California, Kellen grew up in a military family, so he has lived all over the world. In his free time, he fuels his passion for being active outside by participating in running marathons, playing soccer, and hiking.

* Doctrine, Northwestern Health Sciences University
* Sports Medicine Residency, Southern California University of Health Sciences
* Human Performance Fellowship, Northwestern Health Sciences University
* Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians (DACBSP®)

What makes me unique:
Through my residency I was able to work with a group known as Tactical Sports Medicine, who applied a sports medicine model to the tactical population (police, fire, EMS). This gave me significant experience in identifying factors of a job that contribute to an injury, and applying a sports medicine model to get the best results possible—which is to get people healthy and back to work. I feel this opportunity equipped me with the ability to work with individuals in unique situations, and get them back to doing what they want as efficiently as possible.

Why do I practice healthcare:
Since I was a young child, I have always had a passion for helping others. Over the course of my career, I’ve seen individuals come to me with a painful injury, watched them work hard to get better, and witnessed them achieve goals they thought would never be possible—and it is always an amazing feeling. My drive has always been to find out my patients’ goals, and help make those goals a reality as quickly and efficiently as I can. From winning a race to being able to hug a grandchild, I believe every milestone can be within reach with dedication.