Kalell Morgan, LPN, LVN


Kalell’s thirst for knowledge and answers to the unknown drove her into the field of medicine. She watched as hospital staff administered end of life care to her grandmother, and all of the machines and terminology she didn’t understand is what led her to want to know more.

She has experience in primary care, urgent care, skilled nursing, hospice, post-acute, and acute care. Through her education and work experience as a nurse, she has found the answers to all of her questions and more, even developing a love for medicine. Kalell loves to care for others and teach them in a collaborative environment where she can continue learning as well.

Born in West Covina and raised in North Fontana, she enjoys spending time with her husband and children. She also loves making her own hair products, cooking, shopping, dancing, and reading.

* Certified, Teaching, BLS, and IV

What makes me unique:
I have a unique personality, I strive to be humble, and I have an ability to blend well with others. I am a very passionate person and that passion extends to everything I do and every aspect of my life.

Why do I practice healthcare:
I practice healthcare to make a positive difference with patients, providers, coworkers, etc. It is important to me to leave my mark, and to be a role model and inspiration to anyone around me.