Jennifer Uhrlass, LMFT

Mental Health Therapist

An experienced clinician with more than ten years working in diverse clinical settings, Jennifer is a specialist in relationship health and intimacy. When she discovered the profession of Marriage and Family Therapy, something just clicked for her. What she loves most about it is its emphasis on healing relationships and the value placed on understanding discord through a contextual lens. She has a keen appreciation of how context—each individual’s experience and perception—affects how they communicate and function within their relationships. We are all products of our environments, experiences, perceptions, and conscious decisions. Jennifer approaches all of her sessions with a sense of curiosity, open-mindedness, and a distinctly non-judgmental stance.

Jennifer has broad experience in various settings including in-home intensive psychotherapy services, hospital and outpatient settings, and private practice. She enjoys helping her clients identify the areas they would like to improve, heal, or shift, and working collaboratively to help them overcome barriers and function at their absolute best.

Born and raised in New York, Jennifer spends time away from work enjoying photography, volunteer work, Balboa dancing, and being in nature.

Syracuse University: Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy
Ackerman Institute: Post-graduate training program in Couple and Family Therapy
Emotionally Focused Therapy Advanced Training
Gottman Method couples therapy training
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy training

What makes me unique:
I enjoy working with individuals who are curious and open to learning something new. I am interested in helping people live in a way that is congruent with their hopes, values, and priorities while developing more effective ways to cope with life’s diverse challenges. I bring warmth, curiosity, and creativity to my sessions.

Why do I practice healthcare:
My personal mission is to empower my clients to deepen their understanding of themselves and their relationship patterns, gain clarity on what needs to shift in order to achieve greater fulfillment, and feel empowered to take the necessary steps to become the best version of themselves.