Jasmin Castaneda


Jasmin spent her childhood in health facilities surrounded by outstanding people delivering the best care to others, and knew then that she wanted to be a part of that mission. Building on her passion for helping others, she enjoys being in a field where great service is measured by empathy for others and competency in your work. Among other things, Jasmin loves learning new computer applications and diving deep into a project until she masters that skill.

Born in Anaheim, California, Jasmin currently lives in the Inland Empire. Her favorite hobbies include cooking for her family, reading, listening to podcasts, or playing a fun board game, such as Catan, Blokus, or Scrabble. Her very favorite activity is to travel and immerse herself in the local culture; so far, she has been to several places including Mexico, Japan, South Korea, and most recently, Singapore.

* Certified, Volunteer Crisis Counselor
* BS, California State University, San Bernardino

What makes me unique:
I have a steadfast positive attitude in anything I do. I enjoy making others around me laugh and strive to create a fun atmosphere anywhere I go.

Why do I practice healthcare:
A person’s health impacts their home, work, and community life. Healthcare is reinventing itself and becoming a multifaceted discipline that values individualized care. Human beings are complex, diverse people who deserve a personalized customer experience with competent, proactive professionals who can provide convenient service. I find it rewarding to contribute to a person’s healthcare experience.