Crossover Member

James has type 2 diabetes and takes daily prescribed medication. He knows that nutrition and exercise are critical to managing his diagnosis, but the reality is that he, like most of us, puts his kids, job, and other priorities before his own.  

“I thought insulin dependence was the only way to manage my diabetes. Now that I’m working with my Crossover team to approach my health from more than one angle, I feel better and more in control of my future.” 

James became a Crossover member in 2020 and during his annual physical, he discussed his diabetes and the challenges he was having managing it. James’s physician talked with James about all of the health services available to him, and referred him to a Health Coach. 

James scheduled a next-day, online visit with the Health Coach. They discussed his nutrition plan and where he could make changes to improve how he’s feeling on a daily basis. The Health Coach brought in a member of the Physical Medicine team, who created a custom workout schedule for James to follow at home without the need for a gym membership, which gives him more time to be with his family.

Along with his nutrition and exercise plan, his nurse checks in frequently in an effort to work on reducing his need for medication. James’s entire care team collaborates internally on his progress, and works with him individually to set new milestones as he is getting closer to his goal of managing his diabetes and improving his health.