Jacqueline Carter, MD

Primary Care Physician

Part of what Jacqueline enjoys about working in healthcare is the opportunity to build relationships with her patients. Double-boarded in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, she can care for people from birth to death, and is grateful she can help people on the entire journey of life. Jacqueline feels it’s a privilege to learn people’s stories and help them feel understood along the way.

Jacqueline was born in Indiana and grew up in Massachusetts (Go Sox!), and has been in Arizona since she was 17. She misses the ocean but loves all of the hiking available in Arizona. An avid animal lover, Jacqueline has three dogs, two cats, one kitten, and an African spur tortoise. She, her husband, and their nine-year-old son are all science fiction/tech nerds (and proud of it!). They also enjoy going to the movies, hiking, and reading.

  • BA, Chemistry, Cornell University
  • MD, University of Arizona
  • Residency, Phoenix Integrated Internal Medicine and Pediatrics
  • Chief Resident in Internal Medicine
  • Nutrition Certificate, Whole Food Plant-Based Diets

What makes me unique:
I am obsessed with Wonder Woman. I love animals, even reptiles (including snakes). I can listen to Christmas music any day of the year. I can treat a toddler and then see a 60-something nearing retirement and love both visits!

Why I practice:
I trained in Med/Peds because I wanted to take care of families, but I always wanted to really get good, in-depth training to give me flexibility in case I wanted to specialize. I did not grow up wanting to be a doctor and made the decision about eight months prior to med school, so I wasn’t sure where I wanted to end up. But I learned in the hospital that primary care was where I wanted to be. I am into prevention and teaching plant-based, whole food eating. I have been a vegetarian since I was 13 and I strongly believe a lot of illness can be prevented by not eating the standard American diet. I am also interested in integrative medicine and work to incorporate it into my practice. I enjoy taking care of a variety of patients.