Holli Anderson


Holli enjoys being an advocate for other’s health needs, so working in healthcare is the perfect fit for her. Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, she is a Pharmacy Tech and a Certified Nursing Assistant, and has studied both Psychology and Health Science. Holli views life through a holistic lens, and spends time away from work enjoying painting, reading poetry, listening to music, and watching YouTube and Netflix.

* Muhlenburg Career High School

What makes me unique:
What makes me unique is my ability to consistently be my authentic self. I’m strategic, creative, and my Zen personality makes other people feel comfortable with me. I believe that being able to look beneath the surface to really see people is a gift, and that’s what I try to do with everyone I meet. Also, I have flown a plane before—without a pilot’s license!

Why do I practice healthcare:
I practice healthcare because it is rewarding to know I am a part of someone’s holistic health. People need people—one of my purposes in life is to make positive impacts on people, and working in healthcare allows me to do just that.