Helena Yitong Xin


Goal-oriented and ambitious, Helena devotes her time to giving back to her community and supporting those in need. She has dedicated herself to working from clear, written goals every day of her life, forming positive daily habits and enjoying the feeling of accomplishment. Helena values positivity in the workplace, and believes a good attitude and happy environment can profoundly affect the patient’s level of satisfaction, as well as improve the overall working experiences for employees. She recently graduated from San Jose State University with a Bachelor of Science in Health Science and a minor in Complementary and Alternative Health Practices. During her college career, she worked and volunteered in various healthcare settings both public and private, providing high-quality, culturally-competent patient care services to patients. Outside of work, Helena enjoys everything adventurous. She loves traveling, backpacking, skydiving, and swimming along the beautiful California beaches. She believes travel is a perfect way to seek happiness; seeing the wonders of the world has allowed her to relax and find joy in different cultural and natural environments. One of her many goals is to continue to travel all over the world with her loved ones and adorable puppy Mochi.