Hannah Martin, LPN

Practice Lead

Hannah loves knowing she is making a positive difference in people’s lives every day. She brings a calm and focused demeanor to her role with Crossover, along with experience in pediatrics and clinic settings. Originally from San Bernardino, Hannah enjoys spending her free time with her five-year-old son, two dogs, and the rest of her family. She especially loves being outside and soaking up the sun.

* AA, San Bernardino Valley College
* Certified, PALS, ACLS, IV therapy, and blood withdrawal

What makes me unique:
I really try to see the perspective of others. If I disagree with something I really try to understand the other person’s view point. I believe this is so important in healthcare.

Why do I practice healthcare:
I love that working in healthcare means that I am making a positive difference. Knowing that gives me the drive to further my career and education.