Erin Cross


Erin’s passion for helping others and desire to brighten their day is what brought her to her position as Host. She strives to make each patient’s experience memorable and positive, and enjoys being able to focus on making connections.

Erin was born in Lansing and spent most of her adolescence in the heart of Detroit. In her free time, Erin enjoys crafting and painting, as well as listening to music and playing saxophone. She’s also a bit of a self-described shopaholic. What she is most passionate about is advocating for better education and healthcare for lower income communities.

Kentucky State University: Bachelor’s degree (in progress)

What makes me unique:
I have a very bright personality and energy—even on my worst day, I am able to turn it around and make it positive. I’m also a very passionate and determined person.

Why do I practice healthcare:
Ever since I was a child, my dream was to be a cardiologist, and growing up with my mom, who is a healthcare worker, only inspired me more. My mother has touched and saved so many lives, and her admirable example has moved me to be involved in the healthcare field as well.