Edward Nazareno, MD

Primary Care Physician

Board-certified in Family Medicine, Edward got into medicine because he wanted to help take care of families and grow with them throughout their life. He enjoys diagnosing and treating diseases, and watching people become well, knowing that if they cannot regain health, he can be there to help them through the hard transition toward the end of their life.

Born in Lincoln Park, Michigan, Edward enjoys spending time with his family, which includes three sons and one daughter. He likes to bake, cook, exercise, play video games with all of his kids, and play spike ball with his sons. He also recently started reading Webtoons, and likes to watch anime and sports.

University of Michigan: Bachelor’s degree
Wayne State University School of Medicine: Doctrine, MD

What makes me unique:
I was born and raised in the Downriver community and I made the choice to stay in the community where I grew up. I continue to serve that community in my practice.

Why do I practice healthcare:
I practice healthcare because I enjoy solving healthcare conditions in an effort to keep people healthy. I enjoy the relationships formed between me and my patients, and I value the trust my patients have in me. I like being able to guide patients through various health stages during their life, such as treating a young child through adulthood.