Dawn Brittany Spelman-Ojeda, MD

Primary Care Physician

Brittany felt called to work in healthcare as she was entering high school. Her collegiate studies in Philosophy combined with personal experience and led her to pursue a career in Family Medicine. What Brittany enjoys most about working in healthcare is the dialoguing and educating she does. Medicine and healthcare practices are always evolving, so she is continuously learning and sharing her knowledge with her healthcare staff, patients, and their families. She wants all of her team members to educate and counsel as effectively as any physician or advanced practice provider on the team, and hopes that all of the communication with patients effects change and promotes health and growth.

Originally from Alvin, Texas, she attended the University of St. Thomas in Houston on a full academic scholarship, completing the Honors Program and earning bachelor’s degrees in Biology and Chemistry, with a minor in Philosophy. She earned her medical doctorate from the University of Texas McGovern Medical School in Houston. She completed training in family medicine at the Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine—Scott & White Family Medicine Residency in Temple. Brittany was active duty in the Air Force from 2009-2013 in Oklahoma, and separated as a Major. She utilizes multiple modalities in her practice including emphasizing the importance of adequate sleep, healthy and balanced nutrition, and physical activity.

When she’s not at work, Brittany enjoys spending time with her husband and three children, Jonas, Ethan, and Chloe. She commits to continual development of skills through attending American Academy of Family Physician conferences, procedural workshops, and engaging in the American Board of Family Medicine’s maintenance of certification program with the Family Medicine Certification Longitudinal Assessment. Personally, Brittany is devoted to exercise for weight loss and health promotion—her consistent efforts over time have led to significant weight loss and increased strength. She’s a prolific reader, enjoys digital games that expand her mind, and indulges in the occasional television and movie night, usually something in the science fiction/fantasy, psychological suspense, or drama genre.