Crystal Johnson

Care Navigator

rystal loves working in healthcare because she is fascinated by the complex systems of the body, mind, and spirit at work in a patient’s health. She especially loves helping patients navigate those complexities. She appreciates that we all have barriers—whether they’re physical, mental, social, or spiritual—and that they can interfere in our lives and prevent us from moving forward. That’s why she coordinates client care that overcomes these barriers and promotes community health. Crystal partners with patients and providers to create treatment plans that target the unique identity of each individual, and supports them with the resources and referrals they need to meet their overall goals.

Crystal earned her BA in Political Science from Texas A&M University. Her specialties are comprehensive health management (including people living with HIV), human services, community outreach, social media, and volunteer oversight. She also has unique international experience working with service organizations in Honduras, Greece, and the Middle East.

Originally from McKinney, Texas, Crystal loves to spend time away from work road biking—she has ridden thousands of miles over the last few years and even completed a 2-day, 150-mile ride from Houston to Austin to bring awareness to multiple sclerosis. She is also very picky about the java she drinks because coffee is an essential part of her daily routine. She loves trying new coffee shops on the weekends!