Conrad Young, PT

Physical Therapist

Conrad graduated from Physical Therapy School in Auckland, New Zealand and subsequently completed additional training in the 18 month long Folsom Physical Therapy Manual Therapy training program. Conrad also completed multiple parts of the McKenzie method for mechanical diagnosis, training in the Ola Grimsby Institute Long Term training, became a Certified “Whole Body” Active Release Technique Practitioner, and attended multiple short courses on everything from neural mobilization techniques to sports conditioning. He has also been part-time faculty of the Auckland Institute of Technology Sports Medicine Department, as well as the Hayward Kaiser Long-term Residency program.

Outside of work, Conrad is an avid multi-sport participant, especially triathlons. He has run everything from Sprint to Ironman distance races. He is also a USAT Certified Triathlon Coach, Vice President of the Palo Alto Run Club, and a general fitness enthusiast. One unique interest is his special skill as an apiarist (a fancy word for a beekeeper) which he maintains on the weekends.