Chris Martin

Chief Business Development Officer

Chris Martin brings over 25 years of consulting expertise to the healthcare and health insurance industry. Most recently, Chris served as Executive Vice President of Precept Group, working with Fortune 250 and middle market employers to maximize the investment they make in their health insurance and population health management programs. His industry knowledge, professional creativity, and passion have contributed to industry-leading innovations in health insurance strategy, design, data analytics, and employee engagement. Chris is a thought leader and entrepreneur, responsible for helping to develop next-generation cost management and health improvement solutions being deployed by many organizations today. As a result, these strategies and collaborative efforts have given employers the opportunity to positively impact their bottom line while improving the health of their employees. Chris believes that:

  • Better information leads to better decisions
  • Better decisions lead to better results
  • Individuals can improve their health with the right information, at the right time, and with the right incentive
  • Healthier, informed individuals enjoy better lives and have lower costs

Chris participates on the advisory boards of several large national health plans and has given various talks on topics ranging from Healthcare Reform to healthcare risk mitigation strategies to onsite or nearsite clinics.