Carter Comrie, PhD

Mental Health Therapist

Carter pursued a career in Clinical Psychology out of a genuine desire to understand the human condition. Over time, he has discovered how much of an individual’s potential can be stifled by experiences of anxiety, depression, and trauma. His desire to help people live a life they find both meaningful and fulfilling is what drives him to do this work each day. In particular, he enjoys working with individuals to understand how both psychological and physical challenges impact one another and assisting them in living lives that are aligned with their values.

He has experience working in many settings, ranging from local area hospitals to university counseling centers. Dr. Comrie has been trained to work with a wide range of patients using a number of varying therapeutic techniques (i.e., Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Emotional Awareness and Expression Therapy).

When he’s away from work, Carter enjoys record collecting, long-distance running, spending time with family, and enjoying new restaurants.

Emory University: Undergraduate degree
University of Detroit Mercy: Masters in Clinical Psychology
Ascension Genesys: Postdoctoral Fellowship specializing in Clinical Health Psychology

What makes me unique:
I have an insatiable thirst for learning that often drives me to continue to grow as a professional and a person. Additionally, my determined and driven nature leads me to be highly invested in all of my goals.

Why do I practice healthcare:
I practice healthcare from a desire to help others live meaningful lives. Oftentimes, both physical and mental challenges can hinder us significantly. I seek to help those I work with live their best lives.