Brandi Arington


Brandi loves working in healthcare because being around people who provide the best care possible to individuals is inspiring. She strives to always create a comfortable environment for all patients.

When she’s not working, Brandi loves to paint—she recently repainted the entire interior of her house and looks forward to completing the outside soon. When she puts the paintbrushes away, she likes to relax with a good book and also loves to spend time with family.

* AA, Healthcare Administration, Axia College

What makes me unique:
I am very driven and goal-oriented. Compassion is something that I feel is lacking in many communities today, so I strive to exemplify that in my everyday life.

Why I practice:
I have had some experience over the years with the IDD community; in my opinion, I haven’t seen enough compassion for the needs and care of that particular population. I want to be a part of the change that provides that for all individuals.