Ben Mehling

Chief Technology Officer

Ben Mehling is a product and software engineering leader with two decades of experience building teams that create software for healthcare. Ben uses his broad background to bridge the gap between an organization’s strategic vision and its engineering execution by understanding the business and customer contexts within which the product will be sold and operated. He accomplishes this by building a product engineering team that understands the “why” before designing, architecting, and delivering a product.

The majority of his work has been devoted to start-ups, including managing multiple stages and capitalization models. In 2014, Ben helped lead a start-up through a $50M exit and subsequently contributed to the post-acquisition integration. The diverse set of organizations Ben has worked within have allowed him to gain broad technological and subject matter expertise—including acute care EHR and hospital departmental solutions, outpatient practice management and EHRs, scaled cloud-native medical imaging, local, state, and regional health information exchanges, and 3D-sensor-powered digital therapeutics.

Ben and his family live in SoCal where soccer can be played 365 days a year.