Crossover Member

For some of us, self-care looks like a fresh loaf of sourdough, and Becky—who has been on a baking frenzy since last year—is no exception. She’s ready to balance those delicious loaves of bread with more salads and protein, but gets bored with food easily, can’t navigate all the options, and doesn’t have a lot of time for meal prep. 

“Once I had help with what I was eating, I was able to realize that my coping mechanism for stress was actually not the best thing for my physical or mental health. Working with my Health Coach and talking with my Crossover therapist have helped me find balance again.” 

A new member at Crossover, Becky didn’t know that her care team included a Health Coach until she talked to a nurse to ask questions about COVID-19 concerns she was having. Her Health Coach reached out, and they discussed a manageable nutrition plan for Becky to try. 

During the conversation, Becky’s high level of stress was talked about a lot, and the Health Coach recommended she speak with a Mental Health specialist on the team. She had a video call with the Crossover therapist that week, and discussed ways to reduce stress and support her new nutrition plan for the long haul (sleep more, meditate, and bake in moderation).