Arvind Devgan, DPT

Physical Therapist

Arvind’s experience in inpatient and outpatient sectors has allowed him to work with diverse patient populations and to build excellent rapport with a wide variety of patient personalities. He loves his job as a physical therapist and enjoys helping patients with multiple comorbidities and clinical presentations.

Arvind balances that professional passion with a busy, active lifestyle when he’s not working. Born in a small farming village in the state of Punjab, India, he moved to California when he was 10. He’s been a resident ever since and loves everything the state has to offer—the outdoor activities (especially hiking, biking, and running) are a perfect match with his fun, easy going demeanor.

* Doctrine, Western University of Health Sciences
* Orthopedic Clinical Specialty

What makes me unique:
My career is my passion and I love taking care of my patients, helping with their recovery, and watching them meet their goals. I like the fact that PTs have direct access to patients, allowing us to be independent providers of patient care.

Why do I practice healthcare:
I gravitated towards my profession after volunteering at a local rehabilitation center. I watched physical therapists educate and empower people about how to be physically aware of their bodies and improve overall quality of life. There is great personal reward and joy in knowing that I had a role in the restoration of a patient’s functional movement through hands-on touch, therapeutic exercises, and education.