Anna Gladstone, DO

Primary Care Physician

As a physician and lover of stories, Anna feels fortunate that she gets to learn the story of each individual who comes into her office. By using their unique narrative, she’s able to find each person’s truth and know better what will help them achieve their optimal health.

The modalities Anna especially loves are osteopathic manual medicine, minor procedures, and women’s health.

Originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan, Anna is an equal opportunity reader—fiction, non-fiction, journals, and newspapers all make the list. She loves to craft with her children, knit, create, and sing with her husband. Her whole family loves to bike and hike around the various nature trails in SE Michigan.

Albion College: Biology and Art
Michigan State University: DO
Ascension Providence–Providence Park: Family Medicine Residency

What Makes me Unique:
I have a unique way of seeing both sides of the coin. When it comes to medicine, I can hear a patient’s story and while being able to see where they are coming from, I can also see how others may perceive the same situation. As a preschooler my teacher once told my parents that I was “one of the most empathetic three year olds” they had ever met. I believe I have nurtured this empathy throughout my life, and it allows me now to see everyone through multiple lenses.

Why I practice:
After serving as a primary care physician on the eastside of Detroit for the first five years of my career, I am now keenly aware of how race, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and circumstance can affect individual and public health. As such, I would like to use my position to break down some of those barriers and bring equity to healthcare. I believe every human deserves dignity in life and in death, and will continue to work hard to make that happen.