Anna Corre, PT

Physical Therapist

Certification: Mastery Certification in Manual Therapy Education: University of the Philippines – Manila

Anna is a licensed Physical Therapist in New York and the Philippines, with over 12 years of clinical experience in various rehabilitation settings, primarily and extensively in the field of sports and orthopedics. Anna’s approach to patient care is highly personalized and holistic, focusing on finding the root cause of the clients’ aches and complaints through exhaustive evaluation and active listening, instead of tunneling into their injury site. Aside from the quality of care she provides, she also aims to teach her patients ways to manage their symptoms before they gets worse, equip them with powerful knowledge to better understand their body and health, and impact necessary changes in their lifestyle to prevent future injuries.

Anna earned her degree in Physical Therapy from the University of the Philippines in 2005. Early in her career, she practiced in the field of pediatrics and neurology, both privately and in hospital settings. She then moved her practice to one of the most prestigious sports and orthopedic physical therapy centers in the Philippines where she worked with a wide range of clients—from professional/semi-professional, collegiate, and young athletes to weekend warriors, gym fanatics, and sedentary individuals. She also had the opportunity to work as part of on-field medical teams in various sports activities such as judo, volleyball, basketball, and cheer/dance competitions. Her passion and commitment to pursuing greater challenges, extensive training, and life-long learning led her to New York City in 2010. Anna focused on honing her manual therapy skills and clinical reasoning through various training and courses, eventually receiving her Mastery Certificate in Manual Therapy.

During her free time, she enjoys traveling, dancing, exploring the city and the outdoors, watching musicals/theater/sports, and most importantly spending time with friends and family, especially her husband and young daughter.