Amanda Delgado

Lead Host

Amanda loves working in healthcare because she gets to see the change that it makes in people’s lives. Her background as a student athlete is what led her to the field; after graduation she started working at a physical therapy facility to gain patient care experience, and became naturally drawn to the administrative side of patient care. Amanda worked as an Office Coordinator for several years, specializing in the management of insurance benefits, referrals, and treatment authorizations.

When she’s not working, Amanda enjoys meditation, yoga, dance, and fitness. Happiest when she’s outdoors, during summer you can usually find her boating, kayaking, and hanging out at the beach or sandbar, and in the winter she likes to go snowboarding. She loves plants, animals, music, and travel. When she’s home, she strives to live a holistic lifestyle and spends some of her free time learning about essential oils, crystals, and astrology.

A native Michigander, Amanda is the only American-born member in her family on both sides. Portuguese was her first language and she still speaks it fluently. Every year she travels to Brazil to visit extended family.

Central Michigan University: BS in Exercise Science with Kinesiology concentration

What makes me unique:
I was a competitive cheerleader at Central Michigan University. My team placed 6th in the nation at UCA College Cheerleading Nationals for the Small Coed division in 2012. This is still the highest any competitive cheerleading team has placed in CMU history.