Here you will have access to educational materials, like videos and handouts, to answer any questions about prediabetes. You will also meet your care team, including primary care providers, nurses, health coaches, and more! Enjoy our free fitness content and classes as well.

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Get started here! The following videos will introduce some key concepts about prediabetes, which can guide further discussions with your Crossover care team about optimal management of your condition.




Managing Sleep and Stress


Crossover Fitness is a results-driven approach to training that covers every aspect necessary to achieve your goals. All Crossover Health members have the option to work with our elite-level Certified Functional Strength Coaches (CFSC) by attending free live virtual classes, viewing our free video library when you can’t make a class, or paying for one-on-one personal training sessions. Whether you’re looking to improve sports performance, lose weight, or live a healthier lifestyle, our Fitness Coaches integrate closely with your Primary Health team at Crossover. Let’s work together to get the health results you want!


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Crossover Fitness is a results-driven approach to training that covers every aspect necessary to achieve your goals. Here you can view our free video library when you can’t make a class. Scroll to your class level, Beginner (Level 1), Intermediate (Level 2), or Advanced (Level 3) below:

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Here you’ll find a variety of live classes and on-demand videos led by Crossover providers to help infuse healthy guidance into every aspect of your life. There’s no limit to good health—enjoy! 



Crossover offers free fitness videos and free live group classes. For members who wish to have that personal 1:1 training experience, Crossover also offers personal training paid packages. While you may always pay-as-you-go, it is easy to save on Personal Training Sessions (regularly $85 per 60-minute session) by purchasing packages. Choose the pack that suits your needs. We’ll give you the expert guidance, personal attention, and right accountability during your fitness journey.

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  • The Health Coaching team at Crossover knows the most important relationship you have is with your own health. Our Health Coaches work with you to prioritize, navigate, and support this relationship. To do this, they listen closely to your health experiences and give you the tools to set your own health goals. 
  • When building care strategies, the health coaching team looks at the behaviors, motivations, and aspirations that shape your goals. With so much for you to consider on your health journey, they will act as trusted sounding boards and guides. Above all, our Health Coaches goal is to provide a substantial support system as you set goals and move toward gradual, positive change. To fully support you, we work directly with the integrated care team to offer a wide range of medical insights and compare progress notes.
  • Our health coaching team members hold degrees as Registered Nurses (RNs), Registered Dietitians (RDs), or Masters of Public Health and are certified through the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC).

Health Coaching


Smoking can be a very challenging habit to kick, but studies have proven that the more times you try to quit, the more likely you are able to succeed. Cigarette smoke is very damaging to your heart and lungs. Over time it can lower the amount of oxygen that gets to your organs which can lead to organ damage, nerve damage, and eye damage. Smoking is also known to raise your bad cholesterol and blood pressure which can increase your risk of you having a heart attack or stroke. What is important for you to know is that our care team is dedicated to help you take that first step in quitting. Below you will find coping strategies to help you adjust. 

  1. Manage Your Stress:
    1. Breath deeply 10 times
    2. Take a walk or exercise
    3. Engage in a pleasurable activity
    4. Listen to soothing music
    5. Use a relaxation apP
    6. Use prescribed medications
  2. Focus Your Thinking On
    1. Your personal reasons for quitting
    2. Your health & benefits of quitting
    3. Negatives of resuming smoking
    4. The fact that smoking now will only have quitting later more difficult
    5. Urges will pass if resisted
    6. How your life will be different as a nonsmoker
    7. Someone that you love that makes quitting worthwhile
    8. Wanting versus needing to smoke
    9. Money saved by quitting (about $2,000/year for a pack-a-day smoker)
  3. Things to Do
    1. Do an activity to distract yourself
    2. Talk to someone and get support
    3. Get away from smoking triggers
    4. Drink water
    5. Chew sugarless cinnamon gum
    6. Squeeze a stress ball
  4. Control Your Environment
    1. Get rid of cigarettes from your home
    2. Remind everyone that you quit
    3. Avoid places where others smoke
    4. Get rid of all smoking paraphernalia
    5. Change your routines