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Crossover Health Announces Updated COVID-19 Response Framework to Protect Employee Health Amidst Pandemic Third Wave

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif., Dec. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — As the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the country, Crossover Health, a technology-enabled, national Primary Health membership service that integrates both online and in-person care for employers and health plans, today shared its updated COVID-19 Response framework. The company outlined the process for addressing COVID care concerns and proactively monitoring the health of employees including: offering multiple care channel access options, ongoing daily screening and triage, access to testing, and managing deferred care for preventive health and chronic conditions, while also providing strategic guidance to employers on how to safely bring essential employees back to campus.

“During this pandemic, executives and human resources leaders have had to more closely resemble public health officials than business leaders. While juggling rapidly evolving business needs, these leaders are also critically responsible for the health and safety of their employees and families,” said Dr. Scott Shreeve, Co-Founder and CEO of Crossover Health. “Through our multidisciplinary, integrated onsite, nearsite, and online care approach, we’re uniquely positioned to support employers with proactive monitoring, clinical care, and care navigation services. We can keep their workforces healthy at home as well as on campus as they safely reopen.”

At the outset of the pandemic, Crossover Health providers rapidly shifted 90 percent of interactions to online care, expanded their visit capacity by nearly 20 percent, and dramatically increased messaging by 4X with current members. Through the summer and into the fall months a new pattern of utilization emerged, where about 40% of the visits were occuring online and 40% had returned to in-person care. The remaining 20% of engagement was for population health and condition-specific outreach that is a part of Crossover Health’s proactive health monitoring efforts. Crossover has also seen a surge in mental health needs. These needs have been addressed with expanded online resources for patients as well as targeted programming managed in partnership with tools like Tridiuum.

Crossover Health’s COVID-19 Response framework features four foundational elements:

  • Expansion of online care to augment strategically in-person care for employees across the country;
  • Comprehensive COVID-19 screening, testing, and treatment services;
  • Employee engagement, education, and support for preventive care, resiliency programming, and ongoing coping; and
  • Strategic employer consultation as needed.

Employers have taken many different approaches to addressing employee health during the pandemic. As an example, Pure Storage joined Crossover in the spring of 2020. With nearly 3,000 employees across 43 different states, Pure Storage represents the challenges of managing national care delivery and a workforce scattered across hundreds of different geographies. “We came to Crossover Health to help manage the challenges brought on by the pandemic for our workforce, and they provided us with immediate, comprehensive primary care, COVID-19 testing and treatment, as well as strategic clinical and operational guidance,” said Becky Bailey, Senior Director of Global Benefits & Wellbeing at Pure Storage. “We are now well-positioned to assist our employees and their families during the pandemic and beyond with the care and support they need.”

For member patients, Crossover Health launched a COVID-19 Communications Center to provide immediate access to extensive resources on preventing, detecting, treating, and coping with the coronavirus. Crossover Health also offers regular webinars on topics ranging from reducing stress with meditation, managing grief from the pandemic and social unrest, to creating a more ergonomic work environment at home, as well as a suite of online fitness and wellness classes. Robust testing services can be delivered to the home, or accessed in the community via drive-through and in-person clinics. Employees who do contract COVID-19 receive supportive care through a structured, 30-day Covid Care program.

By providing an agile and comprehensive model of care, Crossover has been able to address the rapidly evolving challenges employers face during the pandemic. Crossover Health’s proprietary technology has allowed companies to proactively monitor the health of their populations to mitigate the future negative cost and health outcomes of deferred preventive and chronic care, while also ensuring that multiple online, in person, and anytime channels are open to diagnose and treat approximately 3,000 acute and chronic conditions. Crossover will be a vaccination provider participating in the U.S. COVID-19 Vaccination Program, and will release additional services and technology in 2021 to assist with monitoring and ensuring employees are safe to return to campus.

About Crossover Health

Crossover Health, a technology-enabled, relationship-driven, national Primary Health membership service, integrating in-person and online care for employers and health plans, delivers personalized care from a dedicated, collaborative care team and a curated network of specialist providers. Crossover takes the complexity out of healthcare by connecting every employee—in headquarters or in remote locations—to remarkable care. Powering this outcomes-focused model is a sophisticated enterprise data warehouse that aggregates a vast array of permissioned health data, and a suite of analytics to identify high-risk and high-cost employees to help companies take control of their healthcare spending. Dedicated care teams engage members directly through their proprietary software, better managing their conditions, and preventing costly complications. Headquartered in San Clemente, California, Crossover Health serves over 300,000 members and their dependents for some of the largest and most innovative companies across the nation. To learn more, visit or follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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