The Comcast Health Center is accepting patients for virtual visits and in-person visits when needed, based on an invitation from the care team.

In addition to flu shots and our array of virtual appointment types, in-person care for select services are once again available to eligible employees with essential designation and campus access at the Comcast Health Center.

What’s available in-person?
To discuss an in-person appointment, please call the Comcast Health Center at 215-330-2029.

  • Primary Care: sick care (after a phone screening), preventive care, evaluation and treatment of everyday health needs, immunizations, onsite lab testing, blood draws, and referrals for specialty care when needed.
  • Optometry: Routine eye exams and other eye health issues (red eyes, vision changes, etc.).

Mental Health and Health Coaching appointments remain available virtually. In-Person Appointment Hours:

  • Primary Care: Monday–Friday 8:30am–5pm ET
  • Optometry: Tuesdays and Wednesdays 8:30am–5pm ET

Feeling sick?

Please call the Comcast Health Center at (215) 330-2029 or message us through the member portal. We are available to discuss your symptoms and treatment options, and determine if you should be seen in-person at the health center.

Be well,
Your Comcast Health Center Team



Same or next-day appointments with no waiting
Many primary care services all under one roof
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Common Questions

  • How does a Crossover Membership work?
    As a member of Crossover Health, your employer has paid your annual membership fee. This gives you access to all of the health services at the Crossover Health clinic. You only pay the required co-pay amount, if any, at the time of your appointment as noted on the fee schedule for this employee health benefit. Some fees for our services will vary based on your deductible maximum out-of-pocket status, and all of this is kept current on your secure Crossover account so that you are charged accurately. In short, there is no complicated paperwork or insurance submissions with this benefit.
  • Can I keep seeing my current doctor?
    The choice is yours! You are not required to switch your primary care physician to use our services.
  • Will my employer have access to my health information?
    No, your personal health information will not be shared with your employer. Your personal health information is protected by federal privacy and security regulations. Crossover Health complies with HITRUST to protect personal health information, following standards for privacy, security, and network architecture. As a separate medical group, Crossover does not share identifiable health information with your employer. Any violation of this privacy policy by your employer or any other person is a clear violation of HIPAA legislation and carries significant legal and financial consequences.
  • Can I use my Health Savings Account (HSA) at Crossover Health?
    Yes. Crossover Health is just like any other participating in-network provider. It is important to note that the Crossover Health fixed co-pay, when applicable, is the pre-negotiated rate for our company and you are required to make the payment at the time of your appointment. There are no further discounted rates through HSA, as this is a contractual membership model. You can pay by credit or debit card, including funds from your Health Savings Account (HSA). HSA payments are not permitted for massage services.
  • How are purchases for lenses and frames in the VSP-affiliate dispensary made?
    For Crossover Health members, the onsite VSP vision center can place your order for lenses and/or frames through your VSP plan. Lenses/frames may be purchased out-of-pocket if you don’t have VSP or you have exhausted your VSP benefit for the year.


When you start down the path to health and wellness, it’s great to know your team will be with you all the way providing expert knowledge, timely motivation, and even a little inspiration. We share a passionate belief in the power of relationships and look forward to meeting you!
David McBride, MD
Primary Care Physician/Medical Director
Bob Priem, MD
Primary Care Physician
Wakengo Mahaniah, MD
Primary Care Physician
Mamie Richiutti, MS, BSN, RN, CEN
Practice Manager RN
Steve Haasis, BSN, RN
Registered Nurse
Courtney Fox, BSN
Registered Nurse
Caitlyn Hudimac, RN
Registered Nurse
Maria Ciancetta, RN
Registered Nurse
Natasha Williams, CRNP
Nurse Practitioner
Diane H. Browne, PsyD
Clinical Psychologist
Noah Hercky, LMFT
Mental Health Therapist
Asha Thomas, LMFT
Mental Health Therapist
Daniella A Libertino, LCSW
Mental Health Therapist
Ngoc Au, OD
Gina Pandit, OD
Rudi Landera, MS, RD, CSP, LD
Health Coach
Camilla Lee, RD, CDN
Health Coach
Danielle Inselberg
Referral Coordinator
Lauren Louie
Stephanie Cruz

Comcast Health Center

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1701 John F. Kennedy Boulevard

25th floor

Philadelphia, PA 19103

Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


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