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At Crossover, your team of medical providers can deliver coordinated care at a moment’s notice. Our technology connects you to the team, and the team to each other, so you can get the care you need—online or in person.

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Our members aren’t the only ones who love Crossover—our providers love it too. Our care model prioritizes people, not payments, which means they can focus on your good health. Their passion for healing and improving the health of our members, together as a high-performing team, is off the charts. Your connected care team shares a strong belief in the power of relationships and looks forward to meeting you.

Danna Chung, MD
Primary Care Physician
Cristy Davis, BSN, RN
Practice Lead
Pooja Patel
Care Navigator
Matthew Chester, PhD
Clinical Psychologist
Alia Parvez, DPT
Physical Therapist
Rudayna Ladera, MS, RD, CSP, LD
Health Coach
for sick care, minor injuries, and for managing chronic conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure
to treat pain in neck, back, and body, and rehabilitation plans for surgeries or injuries
to cope with life’s challenges causing anxiety, stress, depression, grief, or substance overuse
to get you to the appropriate care team member, monitor your care plan, and provide education
to manage medical records, tests, and in-network appointments you may need outside of Crossover


Anytime you or your family members have a health concern, your care team can communicate with you throughout your day. This is on your time, not your doctor’s time, in your living room, not in a waiting room. Our entire care team is connected to you and to each other, so we can always pick up the conversation where we left off. Most of your health concerns can be conveniently treated online, and when an in-person appointment is needed, your care navigator will guide you every step of the way. Crossover is here to solve a problem, or prevent one, to look at something new, or to keep an eye on anything concerning.

Activate Your Membership

How does a Crossover membership work?
As a member of Crossover Health, getting care is made simple for you. Your membership means you get the same designated care team every time you need care, with no time away from work or family, and no hassles. Your employer has paid your annual membership fee and there are no additional fees for initiating care or messaging with a provider. Some insurance carriers require a small copay for any scheduled video or phone visits, when needed. Check with your HR/Benefits team if you have any questions regarding copays.
Can I keep seeing my current doctor?
Yes. The choice is yours. You are not required to switch your primary care physician to use Crossover services. In fact, you can use Crossover in conjunction with your current physician to best meet your health needs, or for the times you need quick, convenient attention.
Will my employer have access to my health information?
No, your employer will not have access to your health information. Your personal health information is protected by federal privacy and security regulations. Crossover Health complies with HITRUST to protect personal health information, following standards for privacy, security, and network architecture. As a separate medical group, Crossover does not share identifiable health information with your employer. Any violation of this privacy policy by your employer or any other person is a violation of HIPAA legislation and carries significant legal and financial consequences.
Will all services be covered by insurance? If not, what will it cost me?
Your Crossover membership is provided and paid for by your employer. There are no fees for initiating care, and no limits to the amount of messaging with your provider. When an appointment is needed, some insurance carriers require a small copay for any scheduled video or phone visits. Check with your HR/Benefits team if you have any questions regarding copays. All outside lab orders and visits to a specialist will be billed according to your insurance plan.
Hours of operation?
You can send a message to your provider anytime, 24/7. The care team responds to messages between 8am-5pm local time, seven days a week. Our centers are also open 8am-5pm Monday-Friday.
For urgent care needs outside of 8am-5pm, how do I contact the care team?
If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 9-1-1 or visit the closest emergency department. Crossover Health is available for non-emergency healthcare needs. For non-life threatening urgent needs outside of 8am-5pm (local time), Crossover’s on-call physician can help answer your questions. To reach the on-call physician, send a message to your provider through the care platform. You will receive instructions and a phone number to call on the confirmation screen after you send a message.
How do dependents register for care?
Dependents should provide the employee’s work email address to verify eligibility in step 2 of creating their account. Dependents will complete all of the other required information such as legal name, date of birth, and preferred contact information. The verification process takes less than a minute. Once verified, the dependent can log on and begin receiving care.
How do I get answers for questions that are not included here?
If you have a question about creating an account, trouble signing in, getting care, or technical questions, you can visit our Member Support. There are several articles that you can access using the search bar. You can also send a message directly to a Crossover host who will be able to answer your questions.
Are there any technical requirements for using Crossover?
For the most optimal experience, members should use Chrome or Safari from a desktop computer, mobile device, or tablet. Crossover does not currently support Internet Explorer.


Start a conversation on your phone or computer and we’ll guide you through every step to getting care right away, and along the way, for as long as you need care.