About Us


Focused on people, not payments. Centered on health, not illness.
Diverse care teams, working as one. Technology to unlock access for the many, not the few.

Fixing healthcare is the challenge of our time. It’s not enough to disrupt.
We do the hard work of rebuilding.

Crossover makes remarkable health possible by bringing people, their doctors, data, and benefits together under one connected system of health.

We believe fewer barriers lead to better health and better lives. Join us—and switch on a boundless vision of health.

Our Story

The Crossover story begins with our founders’ California surfer roots.

Dedicated physicians gathered with a maverick spirit to take on a behemoth wave—the failing US health system which has put our country into a care crisis. We knew we’d have to rock the proverbial boat to radically improve how individuals can seamlessly activate and engage in their own wellbeing.

One by one, our small team (with a big idea) signed on some of the most innovative companies in the world—companies with a like-minded sense of duty to do better for their people. And it worked. Today, nearly a quarter of a million people are experiencing our immersive care model with no barriers, and that number will continue to multiply with our transformative tech-enabled care platform. That boundless wave of innovation and inspiration for living life to our best potential is now rolling from coast to coast. Catch it!

Meet the Team

Scott Shreeve, MD
Chief Executive Officer
Rich Patragnoni, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Nate Murray
Chief Revenue Officer
Karoline Hilu, MD
Chief Strategy Officer
Mark Nelson
Chief Financial Officer
Celeste Ortiz
Chief People Officer
Chris Martin
Chief Business Development Officer
Jay Parkinson, MD, MPH
Chief Designer
Bret Jorgensen
Scott Shreeve, MD
Chief Executive Officer, Director, Founder
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Are you Ready
to Switch On?

If you're hungry to challenge the status quo and raise the healthcare bar for your company, we'd love to talk to you.

Looking for a fresh start?

We’re looking for health enthusiasts, like us, who want to do the hard work of rebuilding healthcare.