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Perspectives and insights from Crossover thought leaders

Leadership Insight
Next Generation Primary Health: No Lipstick Required

Amazon launches partnership with Crossover in DFW; 4 more cities planned by early 2021.

Leadership Insight
The Future of Technology is Recognition

We can build software to eat the world, or...to feed it, to heal it, and to improve it.

Leadership Insight
The Episode of Care (Part 3):
A Primary Care Case Study

It's about how we communicate, as with our personal interactions everywhere else.

Leadership Insight
The Episode of Care (Part 2): Achievement vs. Activity Medicine

Escape the “tyranny of the visit” and its associated coding gamesmanship.

Leadership Insight
The Episode OF Care (Part 1):
Care Models Powered By Business Models

Radical change in healthcare requires a new business model.

Leadership Insight
Unfragmented – Features Not Firms

Disrupting for only a small part of the care continuum is still fragmented care.

Leadership Insight
Asynchronous – Making Time

Asynchronicity, and the “power of the pause” have not been fully leveraged in healthcare, yet.

Leadership Insight
Dyssynchronous – Commentary on the State of Video Visits

Innovation can't be achieved when built on the traditional healthcare business model.

Leadership Insight
Healthcare that Just Is

Telehealth. Virtual Care. Remote Medicine. Do we really need to make these distinctions?

Leadership Insight
Full Stack Healthcare

Full Stack Health is integrating all functions into one platform with “digital first” access.

Leadership Insight
Seamless Virtual + Physical Care

It was inevitable that Sherpaa and Crossover would merge. It was just a matter of patience.